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  • Rp 10.000
    Rp 9.000

Cara pemakaian:

  1. Take the mask and makesure there are no stains or holes on each side of the mask.
  2. The Top side of the mask marked with the presence a nose wire is placed at the top.
  3. If the mask with ear rubber, hang mask with rubber in each ear, if the mask straps, be the top and bottom strips on the back of your head.
  4. Stick and shape the nose wire following the curve of the nose.
  5. Pull the bottom of the mask until pit covers the entire mouth and chin.


  1. This is for single use
  2. Do not use if the package Damaged

Surgical Mask for Health Care from Air Pollution

KEMENKES RI AKD 21603810486

ISO 13485

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